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Participants' Comments

Getting up at 3am for a 941 mile drive in 14.5 hours . . .

$249 for gas . . .

$240 for a Hotel room . . .

Being able to parade around Chrysler Headquarters with 75 other brothers and sisters . . .

Priceless . . .

Mark Hackathorn

I took my '67 Charger down to the show from Sault Ste Marie and have to say it was one of the best shows I've ever been to! Very well organized and the staff was very helpful. I would say the volunteers do a fantastic job!

I'll be back next year and am bringing some other friends with me.

Keep up the great work!


Roe and all members of CEMA,

Please accept my congratulations on a job well done! I was extremely impressed with everything that transpired on Saturday. The “goody bag” was great. The special treatment given to the 66 and 67 Chargers was phenomenal. It was a hoot to drive around the Chrysler complex two-by-two, escorted by a Hemi Police Charger. What a treat. I own a 1966 Charger and this was the first 'road trip' she has been on since I have owned her. It was worth the hard work to have her ready on time. Thank you again.

David Lind
North Olmsted, Ohio

Thanks for the great show yesterday. I had an awesome time, and winning [the award for] best race car wasn’t too bad either. The weather and turnout was great. I’ve been to about 3-4 of these [CEMA] shows, and don’t think there is a better one in Detroit. Thanks again . . .

Mike Ricketts/Macomb Missile

It [the CEMA Car Show] was fabulous!! I cannot express in words how much I enjoyed myself. From getting on the shuttle bus to the time I arrived back home. You and your members did a tremendous job and should be very proud of it.

John Culiberk, Owner
Granite City, IL

Subject: CEMA show Thanks to Marc & Roe for your hospitality.

Marc: Just a note to say thank you for your hospitality. My wife, Michelle & I totally enjoyed the show. We were pleased to be part of your 1966-67 Charger reunion & procession with our non-restored 1966 Citron Gold Charger . . . I am going to write an article on the event for our OLD Autos newspaper, in Canada, which circulates across Canada. Please keep in touch & keep us posted on any other events. It was neat for Michelle & I to bring our Charger back to Michigan, where it was built, after spending almost 40 years with the original owner in North Carolina. It is too bad that your group is only open to Chrysler employees. I am a Chrysler enthusiast and own a 1922 Dodge Brothers Touring, as well as a 1975 Dodge Dart Sport that I have owned since new & we took it on our honeymoon. By buying the 1966 Charger, it has fulfilled a teenage dream & being able to bring it to your 40th Anniversary reunion was the icing on the cake. I hope that the photo that I took of you with your very pristine 1969 Charger turned out well.

Rick and Michelle
Fenwick, Ontario, Canada


Pat & I, our friends that traveled with us, had a great weekend saw some absolutely beautiful cars besides the 66 & 67's. Had a great time viewing the museum and the specialty cars on display. Met the greatest bunch of 'CAR CRAZY' (taking a phrase from Meguiar himself) people in the world with big hearts.

The Friday evening dinner was spectacular and the cake was a beautiful touch. Thank you whoever made it. John C was right when he got us to dress in the shirts and the person who wrote that we looked like a big (over weight in my case) bowl of M & M's was right on. Big Buck's need to applauded themselves for the very courteous service we received and the patience they gave us older people to make decisions.

Saturday was the hi-lite from the picture taken of the 66 & 67 and if any of the preliminary pictures are any indication the poster will be spectacular. The parade was exciting and an adrenalin rush. We can hardly wait for any videos. The quality of cars and the awards were a testament to CEMA's love of all cars and the fairness of the show.

Pat & I are already planning on attending again next year and hope to bring a number from our Club.

Again thank you to everyone in and out of CEMA that planned activities all events over this weekend. I am sorry I cannot individually thank everyone, but as a senior and being a married man, my memory only lasts so long (according to my wife).

Blaine and Pat
Mississauga, Ontario

Good morning Roe,

My compliments on a really well done event! I've got lots of great pictures and memories. The Ontario group is already talking about coming down next year as they really enjoyed the trip.

The 40th anniversary event marks the very first time I had the chance to drive my car. I have owned it since 1992, stored it for 8 years and then spent over 5 years restoring it. Last Saturday was the first time in 14 years that the car was driven, and the very first time I was able to drive it under it's own power. I'll remember this show as being a significant step in the building of the car . . . it's debut showing.

Gord Belfry
Pickering, Ontario, Canada

We made it home safe & sound. I haven’t tallied-up the totals yet, but it’s close to 5,000 miles round trip! We haven’t had time to unpack the car yet. It’s hot here in So-Cal and we will wait for things to cool off a bit before unpacking.

All we can say is, “W-O-W”. What a trip! My son and I have so many emotions right now it’s hard to explain. I have to be back at work on Monday and will take the weekend to 'relax' a bit. I will be assembling some facts/figures for you (part of our scrap book) to give you the nitty-gritty on the trip (how far, how much gas, mileage, costs, etc.).

There are so many people to say 'Thank You' to for making this trip a reality and so very much fun. Forgive me if I leave someone out on this post – I will be making several more, so here goes for now:

CEMA Club – Thanks to everyone in this organization for welcoming our club and making this an event that we will never forget. I would have driven to our club’s 3rd reunion bash however, combining the two events was absolutely smashing!

Roe Green – It was a pleasure to meet you. I wish we could have spent a little more time talking about some of the old days you spent at Chrysler – you’ve got stories to tell – but I knew you were busy with the program event. All I can say is, 'Thanks!'

Greg Rose – My 'little brother' with a great looking (and running Charger). Thank you for your help & support. BTW, my son and I were the last ones to pull out of the parking lot on Sunday. We pulled-out at exactly 12:05PM. We loaded up on the far side of the hotel, where access was easier. We did complete a drive around of the parking lot, looking for any hangers-on but alas, there were none. I would have loved to meet up with you – sorry we missed each other! Tell Ben, 'Good luck' with his Cuda project.

Jim (Left Coast) Rose

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Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that we really enjoyed the car show. We found your show was friendly, organized and hospitality was outstanding. Combined with the weather it was one the best cars shows we have attended. Thanks again for the great day.

Yours Truly,
John & Karen
Belle River, Ontario

Thank you all

To everyone who attended the 40th weekend and the days leading up to……

First, I’d like to say thank you for all the compliments about the show. If anything, it was a Group Effort. This was the ONLY show I’ve been involved with where no one had anything bad to say…. AT ALL!!! I am so happy everyone had a great time.

I’d like to say some thanks as well:

Roe Green: Roe, what can I say…. If you hadn’t suggested me attending (taking over) some of the car show meetings, many things would not have gotten said and planned, including the Caravan. Thank you so much for the opportunity to get the First generation owners voices heard at the meetings. Also for bending over backward to make so many things happen. I almost felt like I was taking advantage of you. Thank you again!!!

Greg Rose: Man, words can not express……. In case everyone doesn’t already know, the Caravan idea would have died at an early meeting if it hadn’t been for Greg. In my eyes, you get full credit for making it happen. Helping arrange every little get together including helping coordinate dinner Thursday Night, and just running around like a chicken with your head cut off Sat. morning, helping me judge the best 66 and best 67 awards in the late morning, MAN!!!! No matter what you were asked to do, you just jumped in with both feet and got crackin’! Thank you so much!!!

Thanks again!!!

Allen Ward
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I came from Pensacola, FL. Definitely worth the trip. If I had known it was going to be that great I would have worked harder and spent more money to bring my car (66 Charger) up.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Tom Brayman

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone at CEMA for a marvelous time. Granted, we brought our own party to the party, but the Saturday show was a perfect focal point for our group to get together to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Dodge Charger.

From the first email to the last exhaust fumes clearing the parking lot, it was a perfect event. The people who organized the day did a wonderful job and made us feel right at home. Bringing the cars 'home' for this event was a very emotional and dramatic dream becoming reality.

My personal thanks to Roe Green. As my point of contact he conducted himself in a professional manner worthy of CEMA and Daimler-Chrysler. (Roe, I hope you read this to your boss and he gives you a raise.)

David B Walker
Charlotte, NC